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Arrow Here's how to install the update with the use of your computer (PC or Mac):

What You'll Need:
- A MicroSD Card inserted into your Droid
- A USB Data Cable

1. Download the File:
-To begin, you will first need to download the file and save it to your computer.
-You will need to have file extensions showing if you should have to rename the file, otherwise you will effectively name the file This is what causes errors with the instillation. When extensions aren't on, it assumes that anything you type in for the file name should go before the extension. Both Windows and OSX have options for this in Explorer and Finder respectively. Configuring this setting should, however, not be necessary since the file will already come downloaded to you bearing the proper name by default, so do not rename the file!

Important: If you are a Mac user using the Safari browser, you’ll need to do the following before downloading the file:
- Open Safari
- Navigate to "Safari" and then choose "Preferences"
- Choose the "General" tab
- Uncheck "Open Safe Files After Downloading"

Download locations:
Location 1 | My Droid Does [Tested and Verified!]
Location 2 | Dev-Mob [Tested and Verified!]
Location 3 | [Tested and Verified!]
Location 4 | MegaUpload [Tested and Verified!]
Location 5 | Media Fire [Tested and Verified!]
Location 6 | [Tested and Verified!]
Location 7 | [Tested and Verified!]
Location 8 | [Tested and Verified!]
Location 9 | [Tested and Verified!]

2. Mount Your MicroSD Card:
Connect your Droid to a compter via USB. You will be notified that there is a USB connection. Drag down the notification panel and select “USB connected.”

You will now be presented with an option to mount your phone; do so at this time by selecting “Mount.”

This will turn your Droid into a mass storage device. You will now need to open the folder which contains all of the files on your Droid's MicroSD card. Here's how:
- PC: Your computer should automatically recognize it and an auto-run popup should appear. Select “Open folder to view files” and it will open the folder containing all of the files on your Droid’s MicroSD card.
- Mac: A drive entitled "No Name" should now automatically appear on your desktop. Double click the drive and it will open a folder containing all of the files on your Droid's MicroSD card.

4. Transfer the to your MicroSD Card:
Now, drag the file that you previously downloaded to your computer onto the MicroSD card folder that you just opened. After the file has finished transferring to your MicroSD card, close the folder and continue to the next step.

3. Unmount Your MicroSD Card:
Slide down the notification panel and select “Turn off USB storage.”

An option will then popup allowing you to “Turn Off”–select this now.

If you haven’t closed the SD Card folder on your computer, the window should close automatically once you turn off USB storage.

4. Prepare for the Update:
Once you have unmounted the phone, it is now time to prepare the Droid to perform the update. You will be accessing Recovery Mode to do this. Start by powering down the phone completely.

While holding “X” on the physical keyboard, hold the power button to turn on the phone. You may let go of the power button, but do not let go of X.

After a few seconds, an Exclamation Mark icon will appear. You may now let go of X. To access Recovery Mode from the exclamation mark icon, hold the volume up button and then press the camera button.

5. Perform the Update:
You will then open a text menu with four options. Using the directional pad, navigate to “apply” and push the gold, center button to select it.

The update process will begin immediately and should take no longer than a minute or two. It will let you know when the process is complete.

If you get E:signtature verification failed, you have a bad download. Just download again. The servers are probably getting hammered right now!

You might get this error:
E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command
DON'T worry about it... it just blows right past it and installs fine.

From here, navigate to “reboot system now” and select it. Your phone will shut off and reboot.

Some users are reporting a longer than usual boot time after installing this, be patient and do not be alarmed, this is normal.

If you're having issues after your first boot, do a battery pull.

6. Congratulations!
Your Droid has now been updated to the official Android 2.2 Froyo release! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns what so ever, please post them to this thread. I will be closely monitoring this thread to provide assistance to those who need it.


HTC Thunderbolt

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