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Originally Posted by corbinator View Post
Just downloaded and installed!! dock screen is different and much awsome!!!
Trident is the MAN
Yeah, he is!

Originally Posted by jbharwood View Post
How do you make it vibrate when you are typing a message (vibrate when you are pressing the keys)
Settings --> Sound --> Haptic Feedback

Originally Posted by wonbin View Post
i try on my not work!!
This is for the Motorola DROID only - CDMA, not GSM

Originally Posted by Josefius View Post
Installed it and it works. I have a few questions though.

1. I no longer hear the DROID notification sound on startup, and when I plug in the USB cable.

2. Is is safe to delete the from the root of the SD card?

1: Known issue - been running leaked FroYo for a couple of months now and it is the same for me.

2: Now that you are updated, yes, although it won't hurt to keep it around just in case.

Originally Posted by nprill View Post
Any idea why flash is not available in the market?
Not sure on that, but I haven't been seeing it on my BB 0.4 FroYo either - you'll have to manually download it and add it, ir my best guess.

Originally Posted by Sparky977 View Post
Just finished updating. Reboot went blazing fast for me, but they may be because I just had to wipe and reboot 2.1 yesterday due to a problem with my Droid.

Thank you guys for putting this out there!

Files for the Motorola® DROID® BIONIC®:
Motorola USB drivers v5.9.0 | Motorola RSD Lite v5.7
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