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1. Tasker: It's Locale on steroids, and it's cheaper. Get it before they jack up the price.

2. Pure Calendar, Messenger, Music: All excellent apps, and the developer is amazing to deal with. Nice guy, and incredibly responsive.

3. FolderOrganizer: Amazing application for those like me who are anal about organizing their applications and icons

4. LauncherPro Plus: The widgets Fede is releasing with this are absolutely fantastic. They are still basic in functionality, but they're so slick and fast I don't care.

5. SystemPanel: Basically, all of the system data you could ever need in one app. It's also the task killer for people who hate task killers.

6. SwitchPro Widget: Best toggle widget. Worth the money.

7. Nexus Revamped Pro: My personal favorite, most customizable live wallpaper.

8. Vignette: Best camera app for photo effects.

9. Beautiful Widgets: Almost limitless customization potential in your clock/weather widget, plus additional toggle widgets.

10. Audio Manager Pro: Great app for controlling your audio levels. Although, lately with Tasker, I haven't used it at all. Great app either way.

11. PhoneMyPC: Amazing app for controlling remote PCs. The last update made HUGE improvements to performance, too.

12: Slingplayer Mobile: Yeah. It's awesome.

13: Note Everything Pro: Best quick notes app.

14: Touchdown: Amazing exchange sync app. Excellent interface, great widgets, lots of functionality. Worth the money.

Requires Root

1. CacheMate: Best cache management app, if you have root.

2. ROM Manager Premium: Allows for switching ROMs without access to a PC. Great application. Also has some other nifty functions, like permissions fixes.

3. SetCPU: Overclock your phone without burning out your CPU. Awesome.

4. Root Explorer: File manager for root users. You can do just about anything with it, even edit system files.


1: Crusade of Destiny: Great little 3d RPG. Reminiscent of WoW on a smaller scale.

2: Baseball Superstars 2010: Very entertaining baseball game. Some of the translations to English are a little off, which actually makes it more fun. Also has some elements of Baseball Simulator 1000, if you remember that game.

3. Armored Strike Online: Really fun Scorched Earth/Worms type game. Has been improving with updates.

4. Gameboid, Nesoid, Snesoid, PSX4Droid: I can play Final Fantasy 7 on my phone. That is all.

5. Zenonia: Excellent classic style JRPG

6. Raging Thunder 2: Really good racing game.
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