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LiQuID FroZeN YoGurT v1.2 by LiQuID
A promising new ROM line that is off to a great start.

Stock looks with nice theme options so far. The stock theme has some added transparency, battery percentage in notification bar and an absence of Launcher2, more on that later…
There are 2 themes supplied by Liquid right now. The “Blueberry Frozen Yogurt” and “Smoked Frozen Yogurt” I did not use the Blue theme as I am personally not a fan, but if you want blue this is the theme for you. It has been thoroughly gone over with a blue-toothed comb, as you can see in the screen shots. “Smoked Frozen Yogurt” on the other hand was something I could get into. I like the dark gradient notification bar and the dark glass widgets. It is your standard dark glassed look, and I like it.

This is a fast ROM. It just is. Bumping the speed up to the 800mhz max that comes with the ROM is really all you need, netting you 12.5 Linpack scores and 1017 Quadrants. But if you are a glutton for punishment and pushing the envelope like me you will put on a high speed kernel, like P3Droid’s 1.25ghz Standard Voltage and get a 19.5 average Linpack score and a 1517 on Quadrant.
The stock kernels battery usage is great, 4 hours of steady use dropped me down to 70%. Applying more power (Tim Allen grunt) and speed to your kernel will reduce this obviously.
This is also one of the few Froyo ROMs to date that I have had zero problems with launcher redraws. Which is a great
segueway into special features as it focuses on my second favorite special feature after Chevy’s bkapps/rstapps…
Special Features:

BUILT IN LAUNCHERS! TWO! This release comes with both ADW Launcher v1.01 and Launcher Pro v0.7.1.0 built into the system. Launcher2 is nowhere to be found. You can either leave them both installed OR choose between Team Edwar…. I mean Team ADW or Team LPro, and uninstall the other via the handy scripts. I know there are rabid fans on each side. For those who don’t know there are pros and cons with doing this. It is better for the performance of the launcher as it is prioritized in the OS and will stay open almost all of the time and will not suffer from the frequent kills that the “standalone” launcher gets. If you use anything other than Launcher2 (stock Froyo launcher) and have redrawing problems (like me) this is huge.
There are, however, drawbacks. You will not be able to update the launcher from the market, or at all really, if AnderWeb or Frederico come up with a hot new feature. I think, if you know what you are doing, you can utilize ADB and update it manually but I could be wrong. If you try to download the market version it will install as a normal standalone and you will have the choice between the older system version and the newer standalone version which will have nothing to do with one another.
Other special features include a list of the standard, handy scripts we ROMers have come to expect (remove some system apps, camera sound on/off, mounting options, godmode, apps2sd options and the like) although Liquid does not have a Script UI that is becoming popular, you will have to use a terminal emulator.
The lack of “toast” notifications from Super User app is a pleasant change from his previous version, they got pretty annoying even though I think it was more SU’s fault I am glad it is changed. The market issues some people were having with Liquid 1.1 were not evident at all for me.

I think this is a solid contender in the ROM space. Although the only real new feature Liquid brings is the choice between the two aftermarket launchers, the reiterations of all the other features Liquid brings have been done very well and all work. Everyone’s ROM seems to have one thing that they are really good at (i.e. BB and SS for speed, CM6 for customization and special features, JRummy’s for theme options, etc) Liquid seems to be a very solid all around ROM that doesn’t do one thing exceptionally, but does everything good.

P.S. Team ADW
Moto Droid
Currently testing: Liquid v1.5
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