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Originally Posted by RgnKjnVA View Post
I seriously want to ask some lawyer friends of mine about a civil suit against Verizon re: fees for usb tethering. It's double dipping. All VZ brings to the table for this feature is a data connection, one that we are ALREADY required to pay for UNLIMITED DATA. I can understand limiting HOTSPOT because in that case you potentially have non-subscribers mooching off of VZs bandwidth. However, in USB tethering there is a one-to-one relationship between the subscriber's device and a computer. Therefore, what is the justification for this arbitrary fee? Am I missing something here?
That's what I'm saying. When I first heard about Froyo and tethering I thought "Sweet! Now I can work in the car during a road trip as long as there's a tower to hit", but $20 a month for the little I'd use that? And to limit it at 2GB? That's derp.

Sad panda.
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