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Default ROM Review

Well, now...

When I concluded my review of the previous LFY build, I stated that there were a few bugs that needed to be worked out, but if they could, this had the potential to be a great ROM. Let's just start by saying, mission accomplished!

Initial Setup:
Initial boot was quick, just as last time. Again, I love that boot animation. First thing that made me scratch my head was when signing into Google, it took quite a bit for it to actually connect to the server. My screen has never actually timed out when connecting before. No biggie, though. Last time, my Market didn't sync any of my apps, this time it got the majority of them. Took at least a half hour.

Stock is what you expect it to look like. Blueberry is, indeed, very blue. And the Smoked is what you've come to expect from that variety. I didn't see any screenshots of the Smoked, but I didn't notice any apps themed. Blueberry themed all my apps, but I don't have the nifty blue MotoTorch blue widget like in the screenshots. Also, LauncherPro didn't theme as I already had 7.2.0 on. And I still have no idea where that wallpaper from the screenshots is, if it's even supposed to be on here.

And here's where this baby shines. The 800MHz out of the box kernel is very capable, as my counterparts have already stated. Everything is as smooth as can be, which was evident in the last build (after a reboot with the last build, SetCPU defaulted back to 600MHz and I didn't even realize it after hours of use!). But when you flash a diff kernel, you're going to be amazed.

I had been using Jake's 1GHz kernel since moving to Froyo, so I had to play to see. I was somewhat suprised when I topped out at 1508 on Quadrant when last time I netted 1539. So I played around, used the P3 kernels from the OP, couldn't go over 1GHz, and my scores were very unimpressive. So for gits and shiggles, I flashed jdlfg's 1.1GHz kernel, which I hadn't been able to load before. Low and behold, it worked! 1569 Quadrant score, a new high for me! So, I went ahead and tried the 1.2GHz kernel, with many reservations (I haven't gotten a 1.2GHz to work on my Droid since coming to Froyo). After setting it, I was pleased that my Droid didn't immediately freeze. So I shortbenched it, 159! Oh, I had to run Quadrant. froze. Or so I thought. I couldn't run the test, but my Droid was still functioning. I tried everything, but I couldn't get it to test. Then I remember Linpack. I topped out at 18.928! Oh, very nice indeed. As far as I can tell, 1.2GHz is stable on my Droid for the first time since being on Eclair, save for Quadrant. I'm elated. Only downfall is I have an older version of that kernel and WiFi doesn't work w/ it. I haven't tried an updated version as of yet.

App and System Function:
I haven't run into any issues yet. WiFi worked with the stock kernel, MotoTorch is back (yay!), GPS knows where I'm at, and Shazam is back to being opperational. Also the internet seems more stable than last time, but you never can tell what's causing browser disfunction.

One thing I'm happy to report is the battery improvements. The temperature has been more stable, and overall battery life seems much improved from the last go round. I've had it off the charger and dealt it some very heavy use (especially since I've flashed so many diff kernels on diff themes) and after 3 hours, I'm down to 60%. This is a vast improvement over the last build. I feel the battery will make it through a day of normal use.

Overview and Rating:
As I stated in the beginning, it seems much of the bugs have been ironed out. The speed and responsiveness of this ROM are undeniable, and given that I can put a higher kernel than I've been able to on previous Froyo ROMs, I am getting the best benchmarks I've seen yet. Aside from a few theming hiccups, this ROM is def ready for primetime. Ladies and gents, you will be very pleased with Liquid Frozen Yogurt.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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