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Originally Posted by Siflan View Post
What grinds my gears ...
In Washington D.C ... Elliot Spitzer got away with usin' Federal funding for his prostitution addiction. It caused the Madame that ran the place to kill herself and I'm sure, tarnished the lives of others.
Yeah, sure she killed herself...

What grinds my gears is greed. I'm SICK of government officials and Wall Street assholes running the world into the ground. I'm sick of going to home depot, looking for a GOOD mop (for example) and not being able to find ANYTHING but a cheap Chinese piece of crap made out of plastic with a flimsy pine tree branch for a handle. There's so much cheap shit on the market that you can't find (and pay for) a decent, quality item even if you WANT to.

Remember back in the day how ham was kind of dry and smokey and you actually met with a little resistance when you chewed it? Now you get nothing but a bag of water with a little pork in it, and if you squint really hard, you can make out 'Ham and water product' hidden in the corner of the label. And of course you pay for it by the pound...

Speaking of pork products, this has been true since I was a kid. You buy a can of 'pork and beans'. Anyone ever found any actual pork in one? I never have, except for that TINY little lump of disgusting fat that they toss onto the top of the can just before they seal it.

Anyone noticed how everything gets either smaller or more expensive? Anyone else sick of reading 'some settling of contents may have occurred during shipping' on the side of every unopened half-box of cereal? Anyone been severely burned by a glass pan lid with a metal handle in the center? Anyone remember 'ugly' metal pan lids with a nice high quality heat proof plastic handle?

It should be illegal to sell a product that can barely manage to complete the function for which it was supposedly designed. No matter how mundane that function is.

It should be illegal to sell a product that is obviously NOT what the label says it is, even though it technically meets the strict definition (ie: pork and beans).
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