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Originally Posted by phaze3131 View Post
Edit, instead of saying this guy was incorrect I should of just said... AIRPLANE MODE, HELLO?

This guy could not be more incorrect. Of course every handset has the option to block a call. Every call that comes in the hardware goes through what we can simplify as a true false check on whether to receive and acknowledge a call signal.

The question is how difficult is it to find or make software to access this type of hardware on your device. Some phones you might need root access, others you might not.

The iPhone for one does not need root access in order to have access to its hardware for accepting an incoming call signal. The app that was made to do this is called the Mcleaner application and thousands of people currently use it.

We need to get the idea out of our head that we don't have control over our device. People, these are computers we hold in our hands that have the ability to place phone calls, just like the computer on our desk. If I told you that I will sell you a computer but it won't have any option of letting outside computers connect to it, whenever they sought fit... you would walk away laughing at me.

We own our devices, and for that matter we own the actual phone number also ( as of a few years ago by law), so lets remember that and try to get it mandatory that phones come equip with software to support the hardware inside them such as this.
No, I am correct, you misunderstood me.

In order to get a call blocked so that that your phone doesn't ring, doesn't show the call in the call log, the call doesn't even get forwarded to your phone -- the carrier has to do this.

Yes, in the contacts section you can always send someone to voicemail, but that means your phone received the call and rerouted it. That's the ONLY thing you can do on a handset, reroute. If you want to block the call entirely so that you don't even know the person tried to call you --- the carrier has to do that. It's the basics of phone technology.
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