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Originally Posted by Mr Struddelz View Post
Hi, first thread on the site

Ok, so for my birthday I asked my parents for a new phone, specifically a HTC Desire because I'm a gamer so obviously I wanted a phone with an awesome processor. But at the time of my birthday I got a HTC Wildfire (apperently the Desire was sold out at every store my dad went to). Now there's nothing wrong with the Wildfire. The battery life is great and it doesn't take to much space in my pocket but I felt a little bit disappointed when I checked out the market. The games I found were at the same level as the games I had on my old phone, a Sony Ericsson K550i. Also, when I checked Youtube and various other websites for game tips I couldn't find them. For example Buka, Robo Defense, ToonWarz, Speed Forge 3D etc etc. Is this because they are not available for the Wildfire because of the 589 mhz processor? If that is the case, will the maybe be available when the 2.2 update arrives (with the processor speed up)? Or do I need to download them from a specific site because all the games I find on the market are free.

Thank you for your time
Unfortunately because the wildfire has no gpu and a low res screen decent games will not run on the wildfire. I found q version of asphalt5 which said that my device was not supported. The only way that may get games running better on the wildfire would be to root and over clock but that could break your device and I am not responsible if it does. When 2.2 is released, games wil run a bit faster due to the fact that 2.2 has a better java compiler. Note that the wildfire will not get flash 10.1 because of the CPU and the reason you can't find any games is because of the screen res being too low
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