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Originally Posted by scudder View Post
Have you gotten your EVO back yet?? If so, how long did it all take?? If NOT, what new info have you received??

IF any EVO went in to Best Buy on 7/15 and was flagged for a "repair" rather than replace. You can see my story up above but, long story short, took TWENTY DAYS to get my phone back. Was RATHER ANXIOUS about the amount of time that it took because I was told by the mobile rep at the store (who had NO CLUE what the time was for the phone at the repair facility in TX) that "About a week" and it would be back.

Other than the amount of time that, if they said, "perhaps 3 weeks" I would have been less anxious, the experience was FINE. Got my repaired phone back and looks/works brand NEW!!!

BTW, the original poster of this forum thread got his phone back a few days before me...his wait was probably close to a month....
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