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Originally Posted by scudder View Post
Just called Best Buy (since you might have read above that I have a cracked EVO screen awaiting "a fix" (be it repair or replacement).

The Geek manager said they cover "spillage" but NOT "submersion." So spill soda on your desk on your phone, covered; jump into pool drunk with phone in pocket, NOT covered. He DID say that if you went in for a "quick dip" you can bring in the phone to be sent in for repair and the repair department will assess whether it is covered but there IS a difference between spill/splash vs. submerged.

Interesting point with water and Katrina. I'm in FL so went through Katrina as well (NOT **THE** Katrina you went through...) and also Wilma and Frances and Ivan and....

Wonder if there is a "light rain on phone" provision vs. a "hurricane rain on phone" provision?? ;->

Just checked the terms and conditions and sure enough this guy is right.

"parts and labor costs to repair your product as
a result of damage to your product that is the
result of an unexpected and unintentional external
event (drops and spills) that arise from
your normal daily usage of the product as the
manufacturer intended. Secondary damage
or using the product in a manner the manufacturer
did not intend is not covered."

I would complain that the BB employees are purposely scamming people but to be honest, from my experiences with them, the employees themselves have no idea what is in the terms. The employees I have dealt with have told me that it covers absolutely everything except loss or theft. I specifically asked about dropping it in a pool and got the same answers. I would consider getting rid of this insurance except I am #2 on a 2 person family plan and can't get full upgrade for 22 months.
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