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Default Don't purchase amzer case....still havent recieved, and amzer did bait and switch

OH MY GOSH, i wish I read this before I ordered my case.

I ordered my Amzer case last week. It is still not here!

I purchased off ebay, however the ebay seller is actually some guy who owns Amzer. He sells on ebay also.

This is what happend, I agreed to purchase the silicone case according to the picture both on amzers site and on ebay, they were the same picture. AFTER I PLACED MY ORDER, the owner changed the photo of the case, to something that I was NOT ATTRACTED TO, something really ugly.

I contacted him, letting him know that I did NOT agree to purchase the photographed product, and that he switched the photo after I agreed to purchase.

I sent him the following email:
"I ordered the Amzer green silicone gel case for my Vibrant. I noticed however you recently changed the photo on the ebay listing after I placed my order. The new case photo you updated looks different from the one I had agreed to purchase. Which one are you sending me?

Thank You"

He replies in a very cocky manner:
"The earlier image was for front not back trust me you will love it when you get it."

Can you believe this guy, he deffinately changed the photo of the front also. The first front picture looks nothing like the new front photos he has posted on ebay and his amzer site. Plus JERK it is up to me to decide if I will love it, not you, don't do a bait and switch. I still have not receieved my product!

DO NOT BUY FROM AMZER OR Amzers ebay listings if they continue to pull bait and switches.

This is a picture of the bait and switch man himself:
Innovators create smart accessories for smart phones | Technology News | - Houston Chronicle

If he infacts sends me my case that I paid for, and the case is good, I will apologize and write a good review. As of now, he pulled a bait and switch on me. Posting one photo, then putting up a new photo after I agreed to purchase of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LOOKING CASE!

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