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Originally Posted by Paycer View Post
What if we're on the fly, aren't near a computer terminal, and want to use SetCPU or something similar instead? Is there a way for us to do everything from the phone, or not?

Sorry. I'm not quite this technologically adept when it comes to electronics, especially something this new to me, but I just had to ask. I usually just follow the instructions that are written and given and try to learn from them as best as I can.

Thanks for writing this up though. I'll probably try it when my phone arrives.
*warning* proceeding could be potentially very hazardous to you X

1. Download file "Survive the"
2. Fire up Root Explorer
3. Navigate to /sdcard/downloads
4. Long press on "Survive the" and select Extract All
5. Navigate to /sdcard/extracted/Survive the boot/
6. Long press on and select Copy
7. Navigate to /system/etc
8. Hit the Mount R/W button
9. Hit Paste
10. Hit the Mount R/O button
11. Navigate back to /sdcard/extracted/Survive the boot/
12. Long press on "overclock.ko" and select Copy
13. Navigate to /system/lib/modules (all the way at the end of ../lib)
14. Mount R/W
15. Hit Paste
16. Mount R/O
17. Navigate to /sdcard/extracted/Survive the boot/
18. Hit the Menu botton and choose Multi-select
19. Select "" & "" (green check mark)
20. Hit "copy"
21. Navigate to /system/bin
22. Mount R/W
*23. **Think about what you're doing!!!* You are now at the end of the road. My X will not run stable with the "" as supplied... my X does run well set to 400@23/700@28/900@33/1100@40... I don't think 1150@34 is stable for everyone... 1100@40 should be... i also think 400/700 is more useful than 300/600 when creating profiles with SetCPU...

a. Realize you don't know what the he'll you're doing and "Cancel"
b. Realize that if you just hit Paste now, you will like cause your X to run at boot with settings that are unstable. Hit "Cancel"
c. Hit "Paste" because your is edited with settings that are stable for your X and you know because you thoroughly testified this before editing/copying to overclock at boot...
25. Mount R/O
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