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Originally Posted by Buzzwyzr View Post
I absolutely have to know what I need to imitate this...
Stunning. Seriously, wallpaper link? Apps used? Etc. Mucho Thanks!

[Edit] I always thought the Evo was pimp before, but seeing the stuff that's been done in this thread, my stock Evo is almost embarrassing.

I've read alot of what's here, and have a bunch of questions (besides the obvious "Ohhh what's that!? or THAT!? I'm trying to keep up but all the info, but when there's so much coming from so many people, it's hard to keep up. Sometimes it's just much easier to ask a redundant question again than look for that one post again) but for now Rooting. To root or not to root? What specifically skin/icon/etc wise cannot be done without rooting? I'm seeing that alot can be done without having to root, which is nice, but some neat things like the white notification bar has to be on a rooted phone.

Has the recent Froyo upgrade messed with alot of these mods? I've read in a few places that 'x' doesn't work with 2.2... etc, etc.

Thanks everyone in here for helping as much as you all have. Us noobs appreciate it.
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