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Originally Posted by Kizandtango View Post
Heya all. Just Bought the InTouch max (Well, free with contract) and am having trouble with 2 apps, so thought maybe you could shed some light? Bascially its barcode scanning apps. When trying to focus on the barcode, the focus just goes in and out constantly, on both barcode apps (The top two) Shop Savvy and...something else? Barcode scan i think it was. So yeah, thats what it does. I turned auto focus off on the cam itself which didnt solve it, so any other ideas? Is there one that can have Auto focus turned off in the app itself do you know? Cheers guys Would like to point out, i AM Tech savvy, but android isnt one ive played with until yesterday :-) As for the phone itself, I must say its a little gem ! If you are a first time android user, then you wont be dissapointed i dont think. Shame its running an oldish Version, but hey ! Regards Kiz
i just got the same program and was having the same problem, i found if i hold the camera abit further away it will scan it most of the time
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