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Okay, I finally made a complaint to Office of the President of Rogers and this is what i get from the Rep.

"As per both HTC and our technical group, there is no information yet to
as of what is the status of this update. I cannot confirm or deny any
information on this update as per neither parties had any information to
provide. That being said, should anything become available, you, as an
HTC dream customer would be the first one to be advised of this. I can
only advise you to keep an eye out on the download section or
HTC to see if any information becomes available."

So much for the 3rd Tier complaint dept from Rogers.
Then I wrote to HTC and I got this reply.

"Thank you for contacting HTC Support. I am sorry to hear that your Service Provider is not pushing for the 1.6 update. However it is not up to HTC to push the firmware updates. We release them and it's up to to the carrier to allow the firmware updates from there. What I can recommend is to keep leaning on your carrier. If a carrier gets enough pressure from it's customers it will eventually push for whatever it is the customer wants whether a firmware update available else where or a phone product they want their carrier to carry."

And I've forward this HTC reply to the Rogers rep with this reply

"I am still not pleased with the answer you gave me. To be honest with you,
HTC has nothing to do with this. I could infact, if i want, i can root the
phone and install 1.6 myself but that would void the warranty of the phone
unless you provide me a free pass that if my phone breaks i can get a new
replacement. NO right? The matter is clearly lies on Rogers whether
Rogers's Technical group wants to do it or not. What disappoint me the
most is that yesterday, Google announced that they will also include
firmware 1.6 for their new navigation system ( which was first made for
firmware 2.0 ). So where do I stand now? T-Mobile customers running G1 (
htc dream ) are enjoying all these benefits whereas Rogers customers?
Stranded. Infact i've visited a few forums and people advice us to stop
running stone age firmware. Maybe you don't know but these firmware update
are really important. Do something about it before Rogers start losing
customers. I hope you are aware that i will report what you have just told
me to the forum for those Rogers customers who owns HTC dream/magic/eve
that they been thinking update is coming real soon."

What HTC says is right. We need to make more noise to pressure them!
At this moment i don't wish to root my phone yet.
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