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I copied this from the 1.3 thread cause I thought it might be helpful information...

Originally Posted by JimmyCarbone View Post
haha true. thank you. man was i tired at 3am when i posted that last night. i was just reading through the thread again this morning and saw my answer a little way up the 3rd page. def didn't see it last night when i was looking.

the more i get using this rom the more i love it. again i'm new to this game, but my battery life has been badass, AND everything is much quicker then the ota stock froyo update. and it looks way sicker of course themed out in black. i thought of another question while i was sleeping (and dreaming in android..) - if i want to change themes from smoke to tangerine (for example) everything will be fine if i just flash the tangerine theme, correct? or do i need to go through clearing data, flashing the rom then flashing the theme again..? thanks in advance for the sick rom liquid. i am now officially hooked on mod'ing my droid..
First of all...If you are discussing the 1.4 version of the ROM (that supports the tangerine theme), you might want to move this conversation to the 1.4 thread

Secondly...If you are running 1.4 and you are running the Smoked can change to any of the other themes. Adding a theme doesn't require you to wipe data or anything like that....but there are some considerations you should be aware of.

For example: If you are running Smoked theme...all the other themes can be applied over it and it will be just fine. The smoked theme is the "least themed" version. If you were to reverse it and load the tangerine theme FIRST and then try to go to the Smoked theme, you would be left with the Smoked theme and several Tangerine themed icons

Best Practices: When you load a ROM with multiple themes available you should get all your apps, settings, etc setup just the way you want it on the Stock theme. Then you want to make a backup (this is very important). Now, flash a theme. If you don't like the theme or just want to try a new one, restore your "stock" backup and then apply the new theme over that. This ensures that the theme will work flawlessly and you won't have little bits of multiple themes overlapping each other.
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