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Is it a rumour? Haha, just wait a few months and you'll get your answer, *nudge nudge, wink wink* One thing is for certain, they have certainly created a tremendous buzz for it!

IGN are just covering their backpassages as usual. Remember the iPhone4 debacle? The PS3 Slim rumour? The xbox slim rumour? The forums and websites around the globe were full of the same naysayers until it dropped on them and then they were "Oh, look! See it wasnt a rumour at all and we had the exclusive way back in........"

As to the comments above about battery issues...Well, the PSP doesnt seem to have a problem with its battery!

Personally I can see this happening, but NOT as it is being reported. The PSP brand is in its death throes and I cant see Sony getting behind another iteration of the PSP in its current format!

It would make so much more sense to combine the PSP with a phone!

IGN are missing the point completely. It WONT be competing with Apple, because Apple users are NOT really gamers and Apple doesnt have a whole back catalogue of PS games to play with. Plus, with whatever processor they use, it'll have a whole new range of top notch titles to boot. The added bonus, it would be able to make and recieve calls and texts and do the t'interweb thing et al all in glorious droid flavour........

As Apple have proved, there does seem to be a market for a gaming phone device. Of all the manufacturers out there I would say Sony seem to be the natural choice to fill this market. As to the IGN comments about android and Sony, er the X10 runs on android?

As a gadget fan and gamer I would love to see it happen, but then that would mean I would need to change phones, again!!!

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