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Originally Posted by Vmanisme View Post
First of lets start of with speed.
--LG Ally uses internal memory as RAM, so the more apps you have installed the slower it is, just how its made, deal with it, LG decided to save money on RAM.

Running tasks/Task killers
--Because of the way Linux systems work it is not recommended to use any task killer, memory freeing tools, things like that. I tested this myself the phone does run better and gets better battery life without task killers.

Custom ROM's
--If you install a custom ROM you will not get OTA updates (with some exceptions if its just an add-on to your current ROM), new ROM's do not use private keys that LG gives your phone, they use public keys, so you can forget about updates if you dont save your original ROM. You can try flashing the old v6 with the LG update tool and that should give you your original ROM and you should get updates, but you need to do a hard reset after flashing v6 for it to completely clear everything.

Custom Wallpapers for LG Ally
--If you want to make/get a custom wallpaper for the ally it has to be 960x800 pixels! If its bigger/smaller it'll look well... pretty much crappy

50% bug and FroYo
--I've seen this question asked a lot, the answer is there has been no reports of 50% bug on froyo, so yes its been fixed.

LG's plans on the LG Ally
--I talked to LG Pro he said that LG is working on one more update for the Ally, it is unknown if the update is to fix a few bugs that it has right now or if its FroYo. No I am not saying that its the last update, I'm saying that there is an update coming.

--You can use your music as ringtones if you go into music player, play a song and click the menu key, there is an option to set the song as your ringtone.
Those are some basic questions/tips that owners of LG Ally should know, if you have any questions please ask.

Wi-Fi Tether on LG Ally
--If you got a rooted LG Ally use Barnicle, stop experimenting people, trying all these different apps like PDANet, Barnicle has been tested, it works, use it.

Themes/Homes for LG Ally
--I did a few tests on different customization apps for the Ally and theres the results. (Starting with the best and ending with the worst), I compared speed > looks **Note: these are all free.**

I must note that with stock android theme I was getting 25-40MB free RAM, and 30-45 RAM with LG theme, so I'll be comparing these to stock ones.
1. Home++ --- This is the best one, with both speed and looks it wins. Extremely customizable, gives Android a whole new experience. It does have many options so it'll take a good 15-20min to explore all of its features. Also extremely fast, 40-70MB free RAM. A+! (It did have it freeze my phone once after I installed it so I had to pull the battery but after that no issues at all, so I guess restarting your phone after you install it is not a bad idea)
2. LauncherPro --- Also a pretty good/speedy home replacement but not a lot of options. 30-50MB free RAM.
3. PandaHome --- Works pretty good with the stock theme that it comes with, installing more themes makes it slower, but I guess that's based on how well the theme is optimized. 30-40 free RAM.
4. ADW Launcher --- Some people might disagree with me on this one but I did have lag issues with it, and my RAM being eaten, I must agree that it looks pretty good but if you are all about speed this might not be the app for you. 15-30MB free RAM.

Thats pretty much it, there are other ones that I tried but they were either way too simple or way too unstable so I didn't bother telling about them.
I have had the opposite result with ADW Launcher. After installation I get 55-70MB free ram. I also found that by deleting the 'Power Panel' widget and using free individual widgets for Bluetooth, brightness and airplane mode I picked up quite a bit more Ram. Also, putting the phone into airplane mode then powering it off then on then setting airplane mode off I recover all my memory and have seen it as high as 78MB ram which balances out through the day at about 60 MB.

Seems like each phone reacts differently due to the number of setup permutations. We should have a topic similar to yours and compare success stories based on what widgets, apps etc are live.
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