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Default Dreamlyfe Themes, Docks, Icons [Updated - New Theme: 3.19.11]

Latest [ Updated March 19, 2011 ]:

I was going for a smoother upscale like effect with this dock & app drawer combination. Everything is one of a kind and done from scratch. It comes with 5 colored docks (white, grey, black, dark sepia, and light sepia) and 150+ text icons, and this theme is now available at my website!

Demo Version (Free): Dreamlyfe Design- Demo Download (.Satin)
Full Version ($1.50): Dreamlyfe Design- Full Download (.Satin)

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Enjoy, and I'll use this thread as support and service for the project. Also, I'm open to all dock request so, if you have any, feel free to ask!

Important: This thread will now be used for the posting of any and all future Dreamlyfe themes. I will update this first post (and the thread title) whenever new themes are released


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