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Default ive had this prob

Originally Posted by BetterMost View Post
So sprint can't say "Its the users fault" because you know dam well its not. If you have a loose or broken port please post here and try to include your hardware version 2 or 3 and your build dates. Frankly im sick and tired of HTC and Sprint passing the buck about there faulty equipment.
My first launch day EVO stopped charging. I took care of my phone and never accidently mistreated It. Sprint said It was class 4 user damage at one Sprint store I went to. I had no insurance and they said I would need to buy another phone. I talked to customer service they said the same. Then I went to another sprint store and forced them to let another tech look at my phone and explaine how it was classified as consumer damage that the port on my EVO was messed up and wouldn't charged. They then said that the other store shouldn't have told me that and DBR'd (?) my phone . And that they would replace my EVO and honor the HTC 1 year warranty for free. Three days later I was able to exchange my EVO for a new white one. except the tech lady kept the white back and gave me back the black one from the old EVO ..oh well.... so it did make me mad that I had to kinda force and talk Sprint into giving me a replacement EVO at no penalty to me and it seems as if somewhere in Sprint records, they are aware of the evo port/charging issue and they should replace your phone if u have this issue. It's illegal and unethical for them not to. If a company sells a defected product they should be obligated to replace it without penalizing the consumer. All it takes is numerous calls to customer service and complaining...annoying I know
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