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Someone correct me if i'm wrong:

5. I still don't know how can I configure different GMail accounts and switch between them.
The phone has to be linked with one Google account, and on android 1.5 we can only add one gmail account to the gmail app, however I believe once we get the 2.0 update we can load up to 3 gmail accounts

7. I'm not sure yet how to close the applications after using them.
Android is clever,background apps use little processing so you don't tend to need to kill tasks in the background. However for sanity's sake many people do, me being one of them. There is a cool app called "force close button". This sits in your notification bar and when you click on it, it closes the current app you have open. Its basically a close button for every app you use.

EDIT: Found this, might be useful..

"you can have at least 4 by treating each gmail account as a separate mail protocol.

1. setup as Gmail account on your hero.
2. setup another Gmail account as IMAP.
3. setup another as Exchange activesync. (Mail, Calendar, & Contacts Setup : Set Up Your iPhone or iPod Touch - Mobile Help). directions are for iphone, but the configuration is the same.
4. setup up the final one as POP 3.

careful with the polling rates as i'm sure you can kill the battery pretty fast this way. you'll only get mail sync and not contact and calendar with IMAP and POP 3."
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