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Originally Posted by Gardner View Post
Hey there.

My friend wants an Android phone since I got my HTC Hero, but he's on AT&T. The point is he want SenseUI a lot, so all of other brands aren't good (like Samsung, SE, LG etc.). For now he owns an iPhone, so he want a phone with similiar screen size or bigger. The hope appeared with "Coming soon" words on HTC Desire section of Telus website I checked the frequencies it works with and I noticed it works with AT&T 3G network, after unlock of course.

Now the main question - did anyone bought Telus Desire, unlocked it and use with AT&T? Can that person shoot a video that it works? My friend said he won't believe it works until he see it on video. He would like to see that 3G is working well.

PS: You could add in the video a APN settings for AT&T? I live in Europe myself and I don't know how it works with AT&T and there's a huge lack of information about HTC Desire from Telus.

Thanks for any info
I'm currently using the Telus desire on att but I need att apn setting for edge and 3g. DOes anybody know what it is?
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