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These are some good questions and I'm disappointed that the post doesn't seem to have been acknowledged at all, much less answered. Anyone?

Originally Posted by joeboxer View Post
This is a great overview, and I like how it gets into the definitions of various elements involved in rooting.

One problem I have found with many "posts for noobs" is that they are just tutorials, which I'm sure is fine for most people, but the geek in me wants to know what's going on.

I have rooted and unrooted two Evos now and installed multiple roms and troubleshooted my own problems a hell of a lot, and so I don't consider myself a noob anymore, but I still have questions about the nitty gritty of what's actually happening with my phone. If anybody can provide any answers or point me in the right direction to a post that answers these questions, that would be much appreciated. And I will certainly answer any noob questions to the best of my ability.

1. My biggest question is, why do different parts of the OS have to be rewritten separately? I.e., the data, system, cache, dalvik cache. If a nandroid backup is an image of the ROM, why wouldn't it take care of everything? Are different parts of the system stored in physically separate memory chips?

2. And what about the bootloader? Is that stored separately? It seems that the conceptual starting point for any full rooting is to get the engineering build (version 0.76) installed on the phone as opposed to the stock build (version 0.79), and all the rooting techinques are just ways to do that.

4. How about the radio part of it? Why is that separate?

5. I used the Simple Root method to get full root. Does anybody know how the Bloons game from Ninja Kiwi (a great flash game) exploits the system to gain root access?

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