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Originally Posted by Redflea View Post
What does above bolded mean...where did you tell it to "sync everything"?

Aside from Google email accounts (sync contacts, calendar, emails) I haven't seen any settings to enable/disable sync that I can remember...


BTW - I did find that one app resurfaced on its own on my device. It showed up sometime between yesterday and today. But that's the only one that did that...and a restore that takes several days to occur is not a restore in my book.
When I was in the Verizon store, so it must've been shortly after the Welcome to Android store. The rep handed it to me to enter my Google account info and it gave me some options ... something about sharing data with google (maybe statistical) and then I believe there was something about syncing. I've only seen it the one time, haven't done a hard reset myself, and the Verizon rep must've done it for me the first time. Something was different, though, because this time around, the setting in contacts to only show those with phone numbers wasn't checked off and maybe my first rep was just overzealous cause she also set up the email app with my gmail info, and that wasn't done this time... which is fine with me, the gmail app suits my needs.
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