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Default Sprint Replaced my EVO

Problem started as intermittent charging on my EVO. I thought it was the charger at first and purchased a new one. Problem seemed to come and go. Three days ago it got considerably worse and yesterday it stopped charging all together. I did some research online and found this seems to be a common problem. I called Sprint customer support this morning and explained the problem. The representative looked up the notes from HTC and said it is a known issue that tey just found out about. She said it states the phone has to be taken in to a repair center and only the technicians there can authorize the replacement. She stated this was a requirement from HTC. She said that the tech note states anyone experiencing this problem be placed first on the waiting list and should receive the replacement phone as soon as any Sprint location receives an EVO in stock. I though...COOL.

I proceeded to the nearest repair center and waited for the verdict. They took my phone apart and found that the charging port had come completely loose from the board (solder was broken). She said this "was from abuse" and refused to do anything. I explained to her that I had looked up the problem online and found it was fairly common. I then informed her that I had already spoked with customer service and they told me it was a known issue. The technician said that they get emailed all known manufacturer problems and that she had not seen anything on this so I must be lying.

Another technician heard the conversation and took it upon himself to look up the problem. After a few minutes, he walked over and told me that I was right and that it was a bran new tech note. He said that the photograph sent over by HTC regarding the problem matched my phone exactly. He said that they were told it was a very rare problem, but have been informed to replace the phones immediately.

They happened to have 1 in stock and replaced my phone with no further discussion. My concern here is that if this is a design flaw, what happens when this happens again? Going to be very careful with the port until I find out if this is a true design flaw or if it really is just a rare instance of poor QC.

Otherwise, I LOVE MY EVO!!
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