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Originally Posted by Cache22 View Post
After using the updated Airave for a few days, I am very happy with it. Eventually I still need to move it to a bettery location, but I get 4-5 bars in most of the house. Upstairs I almost lose signal in the master bathroom, but everywhere else is not an issue. (My wifi connection from there is pretty poor as well.) Once I finish getting some CAT6 cabling run (part of an unrelated project for the media center PC to get it on the gigabit LAN) I'll be moving it to the main level. But so far no call drops or other issues!

One thing to note though ... when connected via 3G, it seems like there is a 600kbps cap on speeds. Now this is just an academic exercise for me, since I connect via wifi, but my speedtests I ran for testing with wifi turned off are pretty consistently in the 600kbps range up and down. My thoughts are since this is designed to run multiple phones, and based on their recommended ISP bandwidth for data, this is either intentional, or some sort of QOS for 3G data going through the airave that isn't quite optimized. (for reference: So far I tested with just one phone using it, I have the router set to give the Airave high priority in the router QOS settings, and my broadband connection is 60mbit down/5mbit up, so I have plenty of spare bandwidth available.)
Dont think that is the case; I get 2.2 megs down consistently on the AIRAVE

I have Comcast HSI, 50-10 internet, and installed the AIRAVE AFTER the router..
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