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I'm with ya. I have an HTC Magic, chained to Android 1.5, with Rogers in Canada.

I got the phone 2 months ago, thinking it would actually be supported by Rogers. Just makes sense that since Rogers took on Android, they'd be willing to support it.

Have been on the phone twice today asking when and how they will be pushing the update to 1.6. The answer I got is "We just had a meeting with HTC a couple of days ago, but I don't know, I don't think we're going to."

It looks to me like I have a phone that Rogers is not going to support. I have a contract and I signed this contract under the mistaken(?) impression that Rogers was actually going to support this phone. If this is true I have a phone that will be very limited in a short time, when apps are built for future OS's that are not compatible with 1.5. As it stands right now, I am already limited by only having access to free apps built by teenagers in their basements.

By choosing Android over the Iphone I was expecting to be riding along on a constantly developing wave that will take over the cellphone world. As it stands I am being chained down to what I see as a beta OS for the next three years (my contract).
Seriously, as the OS develops how useable is this phone going to be in 1 year? Two? Three?

So, here's my plan:

Dear Rogers,
You refuse to support my phone. You can have your phone back.
I am not paying my bill and I will not be paying your contract cancellation fee.

I am totally prepared to stop paying my bill. Does anybody have any other suggestions?
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