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Originally Posted by jree View Post
Amzer gel skin is crap. I just got mine in after waiting for a month(they said back order) and I only ordered it because my tmo case got chewed up by my dog and tmo was out of stock.

This amser case is stiff as hell where the unlock and volume buttons are. I had to cut out the hole where the mic was because it was covered and nobody could hear me. It feels like if I dropped it the case wouldn't absorb any of the shock. I would say its the equivalent of using a sack of rice as an air bag as far protection is concerned.

All in all I would never recommended this case to anybody and anyone who says these cases are quality works for amzer.

Otterbox would be cool but those cases make the phone so ridiculously big and defeats the general design of the galaxy s. Getting that behemoth out of your pocket has got to be some kind of pain in the booty

Stick with the tmo case. We've all seen how durable this phone is naked

Edit: forgot to mention that I have different case from them than you guys. I wanted something that looked and protected lint the OEM case. Its a full body wrap one

LOL - Tell us how you really feel JREE... Good points about the unlock and volume buttons issues. I didn't really get far enough in using the POS to worry about those issues and certainly didn't keep it on my phone long enough to discover the microphone problem. It was just complete junk... Looks like someone thought, let's get some cheap skin made and to market and turn a quick buck.

Like I needed a "dealbreaker" but the mic problem just proves that the Amzer is utter crap and not well thought out. I use my speech to text search function and for email/sms too often as well as the speakerphone.
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