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Originally Posted by kisaku1218 View Post
Hi, I have try this program and somehow it is not working.

My problem is quiet complicated, since I am different case compare to majority user here, I need to explain something:

1)I am currently have G1, rooted with Cyno mod and 2.2 droid on it.
2)I alter the APN setting, and use Sidekick prepaid, even after port 8080 block I can still achieve 3G speed on my phone, when I was running 1.6 it can be tether by other method which I can't recall.
3)I can ping it, something block my incoming if I try to tether, and outgoing is no problem, and strange enough I can still run BT on that with good 20k + upload. I can't go internet with currently setting on laptop and I am running out of wits.

suspect the problem is some what proxy setting on G1/browser, I can't watch youtube on G1, no browser other that operamini will work, text ok and no flash, I can download, but no stream video.

I think since Sidekick is run on proxy for internet, so that might be the problem why I can't tether as long as I use that setting.

and funny, if I use normal browser it will lead me to web2go and tell me I am not allow to use this service since I don't paid them yet.....

I am paying around $400 per year with unlimited text ( I do like over 100 sms per day) and 3G, but I call very very little (10 minute a week? maybe none)so is still worth it.

Once u get an answer for this please contact me, I am also interested in knowing how to do this
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