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Mike N: I think we need to get more info first. Considering how often I've heard conflicting info from Rogers customer service and tech support, until we hear something official from management I think we should just keep pestering them (and maybe even embarrassing them?) until they give us an answer.

If it turns out that it's true about not supporting anything above 1.5, then I will certainly be calling them to cancel my contract and take my business elsewhere.

I strongly urge everyone on Rogers to go to the customer service link posted above and go through the steps listed like I have started to do. As long as we follow that process they can't ignore us or dismiss us for not "jumping through their hoops", and the more of us that contact them, the more urgent they might realize it is.

We can take is all the way through the process until we get an official answer.

I also suggest we all start talking about this in as many fora as possible, and not just Android fora, but regular cell phone fora as well.

Also, before we get too mad at Rogers alone, we should find out about the plans Bell and Telus have for supporting Android as we may be screwed by them too.

In the end, we may be faced with the following:
1. Learn to live with it
2. End contract and get a different phone
3. Root our phones for FREEDOM! (insert Mel Gibson voice here). ;-)

BTW: Has anyone here ever used one of those online petition sites? I haven't, but I was thinking we should start one and get as many people on the net aware of it as possible. Then let the tech media know about it.

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