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Originally Posted by Bigger than you View Post
That`s tuff, you don`t tell anyone what to or not to do so sit down.
The request was not only very polite, but reasonable. Please do take a look at the rules thread. You will notice several mentions of being respectful to the members around you. Please soak that in before continuing to post.

Am I suggesting you can't have a little side talk during slow Passion news time? No. Still, do I want it to derail the thread? No. This is a Passion thread in the Passion forum. So if someone politely asks you to move irrelevant talk to a relevant thread, don't fault them for that. Much less be rude about it. Hell, ignoring the request altogether would have been better than that childish response.

A reasonable approach would have been for you and CST to take the talk to PMs (or a new thread) after the first couple posts of realizing you were both interested in this other phone.

Please keep all further replies to this thread on topic please. If you (or anyone) has any feedback or response in reply to this post, do it in PMs.

And by do it in PMs, I mean - send me a private message. Do not click the "reply" button, and continue this talk here. Seems silly for me to have to say? You'd be surprised.
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