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Originally Posted by YankeeDudeL View Post
Okie dokie folkies, played with some diff kernels and these are the results I've gotten. I'm not gonna bother with benchmarks, as even from my review I was still getting pretty good ones.

Chevy's: Chevy's kernels have never really liked my Droid, so I didn't expect much. It'll load, but I can only get so much performance, and I can't get above 1GHz.

Jake's: Was my go to kernel for quite some time, but couldn't get past the "M" logo.

jdlfg's: Well how bout that? No lag. Ran nice and smooth, the way it should. However, it would randomly reboot very often and more than a few FCs. Very unstable but some hope, though.

slayer's v.1.6: Again, no lag. Wonderful, might be narrowing down the issue. But like jdlfg's, many FCs and frequent random reboots.

original slayher's LFY1.5: Basically just reflashed the ROM and kernel, and this time there was less lag, but it was still present. And it got worse after a full day and then some. Also, battery drained very fast, yet again, so I dunno.

I see slayher has updated kernels so I'm gonna try that out and I'll report back, but I wanted to get this out here.
wow a lot of problems for you an any kernel..... your droid dying

anyway this rom for me is still blowing away cm6 3 on any kernel, from stock kernel to slayher's 1.5 no lag and no FC's.
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