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There is no 1.6 update from HTC site. Beside the radio is different. It won't work. It's a lie mjschmidt.

Originally Posted by mjschmidt View Post
On the phone with Rogers tech support now. asked about update to 1.6.

Was told that they have not "approved" the update for Rogers customers yet. Tech suggested i could DL the 1.6 update from the HTC web site. I asked if this would void my warranty. He put me on hold to check and came back to say that as long as i used the correct update for my phone (ie. didn't use a Droid update for a Magic) then my warranty would be fine.

I asked if he knew when an update might be available, he said he had no idea and that no one there did. I asked to elevate the call and was told that _no one_ there would know.

I asked to be transferred to a customer service rep so i could make a complaint. he put me on hold and when he came back I was told that the ONLY people who MIGHT know were the people in _Marketing_! and that because Rogers is a publicly traded company, no one is marketing would be allowed to tell _anyone_ (not even Rogers customer support or tech support) until it had been announced publicly.

I pointed out that 1.6 had been out since end of Sept, and that 2.0 is already available on some phones, so everyone already knows these updates exist. I asked if he was saying that, even though everyone already knows the updates exist, Rogers refuses to acknowledge whether or not they intend to release an update until "coporate" decides to announce it publicly.

I reminded him that the Rogers web site indicates a system for making a complaint, including elevating a call, so I asked to be transfered to someone who could take my complaint. I am now on hold.

So, even though he says Rogers has every intention of supporting Android, they refuse to tell us how or when they will do anything until someone in coprorate tells marketing to announce it.
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