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Originally Posted by Gulfstream View Post
I was just about to give up on LFY, I installed it yesterday along with Slayhers 1.1 kernal and it lagged, lagged, lagged! I tried playing with the LP settings and it may of helped some but I was still plagued with lag even though the Quadrant scores were decent. I read every post in the thread and was getting ready to flash back to BB when I saw that a few people had luck trying a different kernal, did I mention that I had lag?? So I flashed Slayhers 1.2 Ghz even though I've never had luck with a 1.2 Ghz kernal and Froyo. Damn if it didn't boot right up and now it seems to be running rather fast...and no LAG! I'll give it a little time and see what happens but so far so good. The temps seem okay and we'll see what battery life brings but I was having great battery life with the laggy 1.1 kernal. So, if you're having lag issues try another very well may help! I just ran Quadrant and scored a 1711...does that seem about right?
Okay, it's been a couple of days since I wrote the above post so I figured I'd go ahead and write a quick review about this ROM. After reloading Slayhers 1200 kernal it has been running great. The transitions are buttery smooth and everything opens quickly with very little to no lag. I have not had any force closures and everything seems to be operating correctly and without issues. Battery life has been great and the temps run if I put a good load on the processor the temps will climb but they retreat quickly once the load is released. I can run Quadrant at least three times in a row without the temps causing a freeze or reboot...and that's a pretty hefty stress test. Slayhers kernal is the first one over 1.0 Ghz that I have been able to run stable with FroYo and the below Quadrant scores show it's rather fast so he's running some pretty clean code, yeah for 1.2 Ghz! I used the "Smoked" theme for a base and tweaked it to my personal liking and it has been great too. I kind of kanged the Smoked and NexTheme together to create my "Blackwood" theme...they really look and play well together IMO. So, in the end I will be keeping this combo on my phone for a while, it's fast, does everything I want it to do and looks nice! Great work by all the parties envolved! I gave this a 4 out of 5 and would have given it a 5 if I hadn't incountered problems with the 1.0 Ghz kernal...once something this nice works straight out of the box it will get the elusive 5!

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