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Originally Posted by -AspenSTi- View Post
Not 100% sure why, but today i decided to swap my SetCPU over to the interactive mode and now HOLY CRAP, this is easily the fastest and smoothest my phone has gone. I've been running a few different 1.2 kernals (a couple of p3's, and now slayhers), but just going from ondemand to interactive its almost a night and day difference. Everything from waking up, to scrolling home screens, to opening and closing apps is just SUPER smooth, now if the battery life holds out, i may have a hard time wanting to change from this setup... Thanks liquid and slayher!!!

edit: decided to run quadrant while typing a few times
with SetCPU set to ondemand scores: 1455, 1637, 1576
with SetCPU set to interactive scores: 1505, 1679, 1723 (my personal best), 1677
I switch to interactive also staying around 1500. How is your battery? Mine was at 90% after being standby for 8hrs.

Did you mess with the sample rate any? At default it shows 50000, not even sure what those advanced settings are.
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