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I feel the need to come back here and express something that makes me a bit shamefaced.

I had read a bit here and there about the Slayher kernels and the new 'interactive' Scaling method. Of course, I didn't try it - but I just read a post on here where a user said it made a huge difference.

OK, WTH, let me try it.

All of my lagginess has gone away. As in pulled the best harry Houdini I have ever seen with my own two eyes. As in "Wow, I should bottle this stuff up and market it to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers! I'd be a gazillionaire in 2 days flat!"

Up until now I have been running the stock kernel b/c I simply have not had the time to try out a more powerful kernel - and I was getting frustrated beyond measure at the issues I had with the ROM:

  1. Twitter app always forgets my login upon a reboot / battery pull (and I am performing battery pulls not b/c of issues, but because battery drain was rather high, see #2, and so I was physically replacing the battery with a fully charged one).
  2. The battery life has gone to horrid on my phone - I cannot get 6 hours of a day, an this is with advanced profiles in Locale turning things off that I don't need (a first for me since I moved to FroYo).
  3. On every boot, the phone is laggy as HE|_|_!!!!!!

OK, #3 is dead, hopefully #2 will be as well, which leaves me with #1 - and the fix for that is simple - remove the twitter app that comes with the the Smoked theme and install the default Twitter app....

So, all in all, LFY is once again an awesome ROM on my phone.

Now, if I could just get my hands on LFY 1.6.....

Files for the Motorola® DROID® BIONIC®:
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