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Originally Posted by messenger13 View Post
My final word...

This weekend, I flashed this ROM for the third time. I was having issues with the first two installs ... Swype would NOT install, and general sluggishness all around. Yesterday, I wiped/formatted every partition and reinstalled. I flashed Slayher's 1.1 kernel. Then I reinstalled all of my apps and restored their associated data. Finally, I flashed the Black Bar theme. At that point, I was very happy. Since then, it's all gone downhill. This ROM is just ... dare I say it? ... bad. After this post, I'm going to restore 1.4 and wait for 1.6 to be released, or maybe flash Pete's new ROM upon release. Maybe it's just my DROID, I don't know. I do know that I've flashed and themed more ROMs than most, so it''s not like I don't know what I'm doing or have plenty of ROMs to compare.

Sorry LiQuiD.

Don't worry bout it. I doubt it was Liquid's fault in his ROM
more than it was your phone as the culprit.

I'm just curious how many times did you wipe
each type of partition?

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