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I have to agree - while the ROM is a lot smoother now, I am getting little idiosyncrasies that I haven't in the past:

Running the 1200 MHz kernel, I know my battery life ain't gonna be grand, but with a jdflg kernel I can easily get 8-10 hours of battery life. It ain't so with this ROM and the prescribed SlayHer kernels on my phone. Then again, this is the bastard stepchild from hell phone that likes Chevy's kernels over most others, so, that is not saying a whole lot....

But, battery life is continually horrible. Since I have a pair of spares, it's not that big of an issue, but what is is that

Twitter keeps logging me out (and I so want to keep using the black themed one - but that is not a ROM issue, that is a theme issue)

On every boot it seems to forget what apps are on the SDCard, and I usually have to FC Launcher Pro and restart it in order to get access to my Apps on SD (and seein as I have ~30 of them there, it gets to where I pretty much have to do this all the time)....

Now, since my first issue is purely theme based, I am wondering if my subsequent issues are also them based - so my next step in the next coupe of days is going to see if I go back to stock LFY and see if it still has all of these issues....

Files for the Motorola® DROID® BIONIC®:
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