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Hey man, where did you get that wallpaper???

Originally Posted by SoDroid View Post
Review - Liquid Frozen Yogurt 1.5

Installation & Setup
LFY 1.5 installed as expected. This rom possibly has the coolest boot animation Iíve ever seen! It also came with Titanium Backup installed making restoration very easy. I tried to restore all missing apps from TiBU first, maybe 35 apps. TiBU restored about half of the apps before the phone rebooted. I started restoring apps individually using TiBU, that worked fine. I then signed in to the market and it did not restore any missing apps but there were only 3 that I hadnít already restored. I flashed the 1100LV Slayher kernel and thebowersí black n bold theme. I also decided to use the LP dock, beautiful widgets skin and icons provided by Liquid and team. Its beautiful

Maps, browser, and camera are all working, although I do have a small Bluetooth problem. I cannot make phone calls via Bluetooth dialer. There is also an FC when going to settings->sound->volume. Iím not sure why but all other methods of controlling volume seem to work.

Speed & Performance
Stock kernel was smooth. Not blazing but certainly good as far as included kernels go. I flashed the 1100LV Slayher kernel, first day was laggy on Interactive or Performance although performance was slightly better. The second day was much better. I also disabled Compcache and felt that it improved my performance.I tried running on Interactive, I began experiencing some lag when receiving a phone call, time to answer was just over 4 rings on the calling end. The phone was idle for maybe an hour beforehand.

Slayher 1100LV
Short: 181
Long: 455
Quadrant: 1554

I then decided to try some other kernels. Iíve heard of many great experiences with Slayherís kernels, but I think my phone doesn't get along with them. I tried almost every 1.4 Ė 1.6 with CM6 RC3 and couldnít get my phone to stay on for longer than a minute (albeit, they were made for the CM nightlies so it was a long shot). I had the same issue with P3ís 2.1 kernels. The first kernel I tried was a jdlfg 1100LV. Performance was much better but I suffered random reboots and poor battery. I then flashed a P3 1100LV and it has turned out to be a great combo! Everything has been stable and fast. Iím currently running on Performance at 900MHz.

P3 1100LV
Short: 183
Long: 455
Quadrant: 1506

This rom seems more focused on speed and stability than features. As such, there is not much in the way of features outside of scripts.

There are some very nice themes that are available for this rom. There are at least 4 options right now with more on the way. I decided to go with thebowersí Black N Bold theme and I am enjoying it very much!

It took me some time to find the right setup for my phone but once I did, everything has been very stable and fast. Set up was very smooth and there are some great themes to choose from. If you flash this rom and feel that it is laggy at all, try disabling compcache or even try a different kernel. Iíve read great reviews regarding Slayherís kernels and I am sure they perform very well with most phones. If your phone has been finicky like mine, try a different kernel. I do feel that this rom is very good, on the verge of great, but does have some small issues that I am confident will be ironed out for 1.6. Iím excited to see what the Liquid Team puts out next!

Overall: 4/5
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