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So, in case we need any more examples of the bumbling that is Rogers Canada, I received today a reply to the email I sent 11/27 (you can see what I wrote by scrolling back up to my post above of 11/27) asking when we would get Android 1.6, and when we would be able to get _paid_ apps in the MarketPlace.

Below is their response (I have NOT edited it, except removing the call reference number). Basically, according to this tech, we can apparently download Android 1.6 from the Rogers tech support web site! Who knew?! But WAIT!!! Apparently the person who replied to my email is not invited to the same tech support meetings as the people with whom I spoke on the phone yesterday who told me that not only was 1.6 not yet available, but that they hadn't even spoken to HTC about it yet!!!

In fact, the only file available from Rogers site for the HTC Magic is the recent security update/bug fix (this one from HTC: which is NOT Android 1.6.

As for my question about getting paid apps in the MarketPlace, the tech was kind enough to explain to me what an Open Source OS is, and how it's wonderful for app developers, and that I can purchase apps in the MarketPlace. So, either no one told him/her that paid apps aren't available, or he/she considers "Free" to be a valid "price" to pay.

At any rate, when/if I ever hear from Sherri (from the President's office) again, I will be sure to tell her about this email.

I really hope _someone_ at Rogers sees this thread and realizes just how stupid they look.

Here is the email I received:
"Thank-you for your email. We strive to provide you with the highest
level of customer support, and hope we can be of assistance in
addressing your questions.

To download the new Android 1.6 software please visit the following link
and select the drop down meun options that are applicable to your phone:

Redirect to the right page

An "open platform," which means that anyone can create applications,
games, or software with no charge to the user or the writer of the
applications. Applications can be bought from the marketplace, similar
to the Apple store.

As part of the Android experience people can stay connected and informed
with Gmail, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Calendar and
Google Search. Customers who want to use these features must sign up for
/ sign into their Google account.

For additional information please see the link below;

Android Market

For further assistance you may contact Customer Service at
1-888-764-3771, 24/7.

If you require any additional information or services, please do not
hesitate to contact us again by replying to this email, or by visiting
Redirect to the right page. We would be glad to assist you in any manner

For future email correspondence with respect to this e-mail, please
quote reference number -------------

Kathy G. Rogers Online Customer Service"

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