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Here is my reply to Kathy G from Rogers.


"Dear Kathy G. (or whomever is now reading this email),

I received your reply to my questions about Google Android 1.6 on the HTC Magic, and paid apps in the MarketPlace. I hope you will take a moment to properly read my response here, because I'm afraid the information you provided to me is incorrect (and full of Marketing gobble-de-gook). I recommend you ask someone in technical support, perhaps Nick, with whom I spoke on the phone yesterday, or Sherri from the office of the president, with whom I also spoke yesterday, and from whom I am waiting to receive a follow up phone call.

You see, I asked you when the update 1.6 for the Google phone operating system would be released. That is NOT the same thing as the file available for download from the Rogers web site. The file available on the Rogers web site is, in fact, only a minor security patch and bug fix. You can read about it here on HTC's web site: HTC Magic Software Update. Please note that this is NOT Android 1.6. Android 1.6 is an actualy update to the entire Operating System with many new features, including an updated MarketPlace for apps.

Please don't tell people that they can download Android 1.6 when it's not true.

As for my other question about having access to _PAID_ apps in the google marketplace, you said "Applications can be bought from the marketplace, similar
to the Apple store." I can only assume that no one in Rogers customer service has actually been trained on the new Android phones, and how they work in Canada. Maybe you should ask if anyone around you has an Android phone so you can see the MarketPlace. In fact, Canadian android users only have access to _FREE_ apps in the app store. We can not see any of the apps that actually cost money, so we can not buy them. There is a difference. So, again, please don't tell customers things that aren't true. We can NOT buy apps "similar to the Apple store" we can only download FREE apps.

I would like you to please elevate this to the next level. Forward this email to your manager, or someone who can actually get the right information. Let management know that they really need to put together a group of Customer Support reps and train them on Android to be able to properly answer these questions.

By the way, I will be saving all these emails, and sharing them with the greater community of Roger's Android customers. You can see an ongoing conversation about this by very upset customers here: Rogers Dream 1.6 Update and here: "

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