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Originally Posted by DroidLove View Post
Okay, so someone help me out here please. lol, you can be the knight in shining armour for the cute girl who bought the Droid without FULL understanding of what she was getting herself into.

I LOVE my Droid. I swear, my evenings have been spent doing little more than playing with it loving it. Well, evenings and some time at work. LOL.

But, there's ONE tiny little issue that's just starting to annoy me. It seems to REALLY "hang up" sometimes. Like I try touching to type in text, and it will take FOREVER sometimes to pull up the virtual keyboard. And multiple touches at times.

Other than that, it's force closing my apps a LOT. iMusic, Messaging, Facebook... all force close regular. Tried removing apps, no change.

Production date 40/09 if that helps at all.

What can I do to stop this?
Some apps don't yet work well on the Droid (or don't work well at all). iMusic, I've noticed, is one of these. It just force closes a ton, so much so that I had to stop using it. Other apps don't have this problem.

If your default apps (Messagin, Facebook) are force closing very often, you may consider either doing a factory reset or replacing the phone. To be honest, my Facebook app has never force closed, but I did notice that the Messaging app tends to force close a lot if I unlock the phone in landscape mode. If Messaging is open when I unlock in landscape, it tends to lock up almost every time. I don't know why. The only way I've found to solve this problem is to make sure that if messaging is already open when the phone locks, unlock it in portrait mode.

Everyone experiences the force closes with various apps at some point. I doubt that anybody has avoided them. It may just be something that we have to deal with until future updates roll out to fix certain issues. Remember, Android 2.0 is still brand new and there may be many quirks yet to be worked out.

If it is to the point where you cannot use some of the default apps that came with the phone because of intrusive force closes, either try the reset or replace it and see if your new device does better.

You may also consider trying Handcent SMS or Chomp SMS for your messaging needs, and you may discover them to more stable. Personally, I found Chomp more stable than the default app, but you have to like the iPhone style chat bubbles, and it doesn't support MMS yet.

On a side note, Falcon is correct, the task management apps can be very useful. Unfortunately if programs are locking the phone and closing up constantly, they can only help to a certain degree.

That's the best advice I can give you right now. Good luck!
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