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Originally Posted by sooper_droid12 View Post
Whatever you believe from this email, you have to be naive to think that HTC doesn't have a fancy phone waiting to run Android. The Eris CAN'T be their best Android offering, not with the HD2 sitting pretty out there with WinMo. HTC being the ones that went out on a limb with Android probably can't stand sitting around taking second fiddle to Motorola and the DROID hype.
Yep but I bet HTC is doing everything they can to abide by Verizon's desires because they have the network for their devices to proliferate. Even though MotoDroid was leaked, it was probably the tightest closest to release date info so far and the leaks would have not been detrimental to moto or Verizon whereas a leak of a MotoDroid/iPhone killer HTC android device would be very detrimental to Moto. Not as detrimental to Verizon, but Moto is on it's last legs and if verizon allowed them to be crushed then HTC would be the monopolistic Android handset maker which would be detrimental to Verizon.
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