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Originally Posted by sooper_droid12 View Post
How do you know that? 1) How do you know that HTC will be running Sense + 2.1? From what's been rumored, it's only running 2.0. What makes the DROID so lacking? Have you even owned one to give it a fair shake? My bet is no, you haven't. Sense UI is just a skin for Android -- a 3rd party app.

As far as HD2 hardware is concerned, nothing I've seen so far impresses me, even at full clock, especially since it got its butt handed to it by an iPhone 3Gs running the OMAP3 SOC processor. As far as dethroning said iPhone, the HTC no matter how powerful people think it might be, or how slick it UI, it still suffers from the same problems that cripples any phones attempt to knock off the iPhone:

1) No iTunes environment, market interface is still lacking
2) No widespread adoption in applications (10K vs. 100K)
3) No widespread availability of 3rd party accessories, etc.

Until then, no matter how slick the device, iPhone will always win. Because if the DROID proved anything, it's faster, it's screen is more brilliant, it's powerful... but it still hasn't swayed iPhone users. The one knock is that it doesn't look like a chick phone. HTC may have that, but still won't get people moving away from iPhone to get it.
Actually i have had 2 Droids since launch day and have plenty i have said and can take many paragraphs to describe the basic features that it is lacking.

Sense UI is not a skin. Apparently you must not have thoroughly used Android devices because then you would know sense includes many enhancements that fill/ed several gaping holes in the Android OS that are no where near adequately filled by any current apps in the market.

IMO iPhone has set the benchmark extremely high but saying always win is a naive statement. Iphone is an infant. 3rd in installed base to Symbian & BBOS. Windows Mobile used to be one of the kings but is dying fast.

Ipod touch installed base and Itunes environment is a big plus in the Apple camp, but the closed and limited nature of it could be it's downfall. Android is well positioned to be a true competitor.

I could be content with MotoDroid for 2 years if I had to but it certainly falls well short of not only the iPhone but even further short that big red's own advertisements. I know the HD2 style device with Sense plus android wont be perfect but I know it would go much further than MotoDroid would/has towards besting iPhone. Which would make me more content than i am with the droid, some times referred to by my cursing while driving as the Roid....
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