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Originally Posted by sooper_droid12 View Post
Sense UI is just a skin for Android -- a 3rd party app.
Yeah, just a skin. With lock screen music control, music & media player, camera software all which which destroy what is on the droid or available in the apps store.

Oh I'm sorry a skin that also includes a unified mail app, web browser, document viewer, photo/video gallery all with multitouch and that destroy anything on or available for the droid. You can't even swipe photos in the droid's gallery.

Oh I forgot to mention that "skin" also has an intelligent soft keyboard that smokes both the hard and soft keyboard on the Droid, there's no comparison.

Oh I'm sorry... that "skin" also has a dialer that has larger clear contact photos vs the droids blurry thumbnail images and it has smartdial... You know that novel concept that is on just about every handset except the droid.... you know, the droid that does....

Not to mention the numerous useful homescreen widgets that that "skin" includes, like actual working and useful facebook, twitter, photo gallery, mail, calendar etc, where the native android equivalents are dumbwidgets with nothing more than simple display functionality. Of course you only need 3 homescreens with the droid, because the native android widgets are TERRIBLE. HTC's widgets make you want even more than 7 screens, so therefore that "skin" gives you scenes so you can have totally separate and instantly accessible panel homescreens to fit whatever lifestyle mode you are in for that moment/day.

I can keep going on about MotoDroid deficiencies compared to Sense UI alone if you'd like and even more compared to basic functionality and even more if you want to compare to iPhone......

One major annoyance I have at the moment is the 30 days I had the Hero and long pressed the search button I never got 1 connection error 100% execution of searches. It's probably 50% of the time on the Droid even after hard reset that it immediately connection errors out. Moto's 12/11 OTA better be good because if not the Droid may be dead. I wonder why they did not push the release out by 12/6... Since they knew about glaring issues even with the hands on reviews at release.

Oh probably because they need that installed base that is stuck past the 30 day return with a device that doesn't. They depend on those folks who say yeah this device will finally work as advertised on the upcoming firmware release....
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