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Glad you can admit that you can be wrong. Either way, it's all speculative. Shoot, the Passion itself is vaporware until further notice. That being said, what are you saying? Take a moment and re-read my post. Until Android/Google can set up an environment like iTunes, it is unlikely that any Android phone would be as widely adopted as the iPhone. Don't get me wrong. The reason I even own an Android phone is because I believe in the potential of Google world.

Lastly, what you're really saying is that you're disappointed with the UX of the DROID. That's fine. It doesn't suit everyone. The fact that you "grew up" on the TouchPro, you're an HTC guy. Fine. Sense UI is nice, slick even. And it does fill some gaps, but it's a widget skin. No matter what you think about the infancy of the iPhone, it's basically defined the UX for the Smartphone and continues to do so even after the invent of Sense UI (TouchFlo before that!)
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