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Originally Posted by sooper_droid12 View Post
Lastly, what you're really saying is that you're disappointed with the UX of the DROID. That's fine. It doesn't suit everyone. The fact that you "grew up" on the TouchPro, you're an HTC guy. Fine. Sense UI is nice, slick even. And it does fill some gaps, but it's a widget skin. No matter what you think about the infancy of the iPhone, it's basically defined the UX for the Smartphone and continues to do so even after the invent of Sense UI (TouchFlo before that!)
I wouldn't call my self an HTC fan because I hated the Touch pro and feel that HTC is complicit in unnecessary device proliferation by making so many handsets that are nice but are unneccesarily lacking in some core features. If you combined a few of their devices you'd have the perfect handset, but why would they do that... They wouldn't until the iPhone forces them to move closer to that kind of device.

TouchFlo was actually a pretty poor attempt IMO it was tryly just a skin w. Seith its large suite of modifications is light years better. So much so that out of the box Sense + A1.5 even far exceeds native A2.0. Even adding a hodgepodge of available apps to try and make android 2.0 like Sense w/ 1.5 it doesnt come close. I would imagine by extrapolation Sense + 2.0/1 would be that much better.

I would even go as far to say that google has become a lot like Microsoft in the fact that they do a few things best in class like Search & Mail specifically and a ton of things half assed, see everything almost everything else that google has eternally attached the Beta label to...
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