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Originally Posted by sooper_droid12 View Post
Whoa there horsey! Don't get so defensive. Go buy the HTC Passion bro! I get it, you don't like the DROID. The fact that DROID employs only the native Android system was a business decision made by Motorola/Google and VZW. If and when Apple's patents get approved, they won't be liable for any IP infringement. HTC chose to go out on a limb, develop a widget skin that enhances the UX. And that's what you enjoy. So leave the DROID alone and wait for the Passion. End of story.

:-) Don't get me wrong I like the Droid and could be relatively satisfied with it. I just get irritated with all the cool commercials and Droid fanboys who call out iphone fanboys for being fanboys.... Even the video I just posted of the verizon CMO talking about how they hinder themselves due to the stringent reliability requirements they put the handset makers through, when they obviously dont.....
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