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Originally Posted by rdalcanto View Post
I agree. The topic is misleading and wrong. It doesn't "officially" exist yet, but I'm convinced it is currently at Google. The only thing I'm frustrated about is not knowing if it will arrive this month, or sometime in the next three. I would hate to get the Droid, and then find out two days after my return date ends that it is being released two weeks after that.
HTC can't seem to keep their phones secret for very long. If you have not seen pictures of it yet I highly doubt that is close to release. I also doubt they would release a CDMA version first. It could be announced - but I think you are safe getting your droid.

It seems to always be the same process for each HTC device. Rumours, renders/stats, pictures, unlocked GSM rumour release date, more pictures, rumours that sprint/verizon will get it (and change everything good about it), GSM release, CDMA rumours, CDMA version announced, sprint/verizon drag feet getting it to market, released, then finally people complain A LOT that it was not the end all be all like they had hyped it up to be.

(See Vogue, Raphael/Herman, Dream, Hero, Magic etc)
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